Moved on.

September 1, 2010
By cronichippo BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
cronichippo BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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I don't plan to sit here and rhyme, relive, and tell you how I lived
my life.
Believe me I'm trying to change
To grow, to be nice.
But besides the fact you know all that I just wanted to tell you
what's on my mind, nothing methodical, physiological, or psychological
just words from the kind.

I miss seeing you around town, I mean I've looked all around.
How are you? Are you ok? What else can I say?..
Seeing you kills me, knowing earlier in life it was another way
Hey wait dear
-do you have a moment to stay?

I saw that guy you were with the other day
the one with the slicked back hair
shiny car
Glasses? Yeah I know you know his ways.
I don't mean to get in between but.. is he good to you? Does he make
you laugh, smile and help you through
You're painful life?
I hope he does babe, I mean I just hate to see you cry, and that
onetime with the knife?
- it still haunts me, and will for life.

I know we ended badly, I live with it everyday..
but I know why you left
Even I wouldn't of stayed.
Now don't give me that word... I know what your thinking, but it's
time for my say
I know you don't care! But darling I'm sinking.

I loved you babe
But now it's not the same.
I've been bottling this inside, taking it in stride
-but it's been taking me for a ride.

I'm sorry for what I did
I don't even know what that was
But I don't dare to think about it because..
Now I know what I lost.

I lost you
You're gone
Like a whisper in the wind.
...but I'll be there till the end...?

Ok ok i know, you have to go
-maybe I'll catch you around?..
I understand.
Good bye.

Even after all you put me through..

Good bye.

-I love you

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