I am From the Seasons

August 31, 2010
I am from the snowman’s carrot
The frost on your windows
A kiss under the mistletoe
The whiff of cinnamon cookies
And cold white blankets of winter

I am from the songbird’s melody
The bright meadows of color
A life begins once more
The perfume of sweetness
And thundering laughter of spring

I am from the sun showers
The early birds and the sloths
A garden of many foods
The scent of watermelon
And the boiling sun of summer

I’m from the pumpkin seeds
The forever changing leaves
A harvest of many things
The aroma of a turkey dinner
And feathered ice of fall

I am from the seasons
The time to begin once more
A past to, never forget
The future looking forward to
I am from the seasons, and so are you

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