August 22, 2010
Have you ever danced
With your devils
In the pale moon light.
Have you ever watched,
As they gathered around
Crowding as if they were
Feeding off of your warmth
Sucking away your life
Your feeling,
Your happiness.

Their eyes glint and
Glare at you
Filled to bursting with
The evils you just had to do.
Some scream.
Some sob.
But not a single one
Breaks eye contact
They plead silently
For you to let them out.
“One more time.”
Their eyes plead.
“One more time is all we need.”

As they move closer,
They touch your arms
And they touch your face,
With fingers like dry ice.
So cold it burns
It flays your skin.
You can’t move away.
The devils come from each direction
They keep you trapped between them
The screams get louder
Your ears begin to bleed
The sobs become so racking
You can feel them in your chest.

This is twisted dancing
F***ed up beyond belief.
This is devil dancing
When you are covered,
In the light
Of a very pale moon.
It’s not as bad as it could be,
For I have danced with my devils,
On a dark and stormy night.

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