Set Free

August 21, 2010
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Trapped for so long, in a dark room filled with guilt,
I was sure there was no way out,
that it was my punishment for what I'd done.
But, suddenly, a streak of light came from the opposite side of the room.
There was a door I had failed to see.

I walked over to it, terrified of what might have been behind it,
I reached out for the knob & saw there wasn't one.
It was up to someone else to let me out.
I gripped the sliver of space that was letting the light in
and opened the door.

He wasn't the one to set me free,
but someone who took my breath away.
I took the hand that was stretched out before me,
and you pulled me into a tight embrace.

I wouldn't go back there, you promised me.
I believed you, although we had just met.
For so long, I had felt I deserved to be in there,
but now, I'd like to stay here.
I'd like to stay with you.

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