August 21, 2010
By brittanys BRONZE, Wakefield, Rhode Island
brittanys BRONZE, Wakefield, Rhode Island
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Favorite Quote:
"The ink my flow through the point of this pen, but I decide my own masterpiece."~Me

Eyes remain glued shut
As I rock back and forth-
In silence. I am always
Silent. My mouth has been
Stitched close. I-
Was raised blind and mute.

Not enough with lips mute,
My ears hear nothing
And no one. My limbs-
As well- have been disabled.
I am unable to rise,
To rise up from the bottom.

In the pit with no bottom,
I slip and fall further,
I mouth cries of help.
But no one can hear.
My feet dangle and I look,
Look down to a perilous fate.

Visionless eyes cry out feint.
Inclined to feel
More empty than full.
Not even the transparent
Eyeball sees my struggle.
I see no one. No one sees me.

Failure to see the real me.
I was not born to
Be seen. I mesh in
The spectrum of earth’s
Portrait. My color runs,
Thin and brittle.

Hollow heart of stone, brittle.
Ligaments and tendons torn.
Not created for purpose,
Just to blend and be-
Be lost to wander within
My own being. I am broken.

The author's comments:
I was inspired by James Joyce's, "Evelyne" from "Dubliners". Within the story she feels paralyzed emotionally, mentally, and financially. And, in the end, she remains paralyzed.

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