Once I loved you

August 27, 2010
By MandiJo SILVER, Cherokee Village, Arkansas
MandiJo SILVER, Cherokee Village, Arkansas
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Once I wished to be with you
You left me behind
Now you wish to be with me
I can’t even look into your eyes

Once you wanted to be just friends
I was hurting inside
Now that’s all I want to be at this time
But you say your feelings can’t be denied

Once I left someone behind because of you
I’ll never do that again
Now I try to forget
But it’s hard not to dwell in this past

Once you said you loved me
Yet you hurt me over and over again
You want another chance
But all I can say is I can’t

Once I let you know my feelings
Thought we felt the same
Guess I was wrong
Cause you didn’t stay

Once I thought I couldn’t move on
I know I can
You say you don’t want me gone
And you try to bring me closer

Once I would have let us get closer
So it would be like before
But now I’ve made a promise
And I wont let it get out of hand

Once I was I thought it was love
It was like fire
Now I like you a lot
But love you as a friend

Once you hurt me
Then several times again
I need to move on
So goodbye to our feelings hello just friends

Once, it only took once
To know I am strong
I can’t promise it won’t hurt
But I know I can move on

The author's comments:
This piece came to me when i knew a guy that i had thought i loved was playing me and i knew i had to move on, and I did. I wrote this awhile back,and i hope people get the most of this.

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