Have You Ever?

August 27, 2010
By mason.c.s. BRONZE, Brookwood, Alabama
mason.c.s. BRONZE, Brookwood, Alabama
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Have you ever felt a weight?
A weight from your grim past?
A weight so great,
A burden so vast?
Fear not my child, run to me
I'll lift your load eternally.
no longer will you feel;
the pain, the confusion, the divorce,
those I'll heal
whatever weighs upon your heart.
Bring to me, you'll carry no more
from now on
bold as a lion you'll roar
upon my eagle's wings you'll soar
I love you daughter, I love you son
come to me! come on, come on!!
I've got so much to give you now
that you are free, to dance about,
spread my word, i say as your Lord
In heaven, awaits you a Godly reward
I'll walk you through this earthly Hell
take my word, and show and tell,
walk the straight line or others will ignore
you efforts for me, will thrive no more.
Your walk yells louder, then then most convincing witness
Your Godly walk gives senses to the witless.
So come to me, you heavy hearted
from now on you're heavenly guarded
I'll keep you alive, no temptation to strong
keep looking at me, and you'll NEVER go wrong.
these things I say are true.
I, The Lord, will always Love you

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem to reach all those people who have heavy burdens to get rid of and don't know how to put them down.

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