Vanishing Time

August 27, 2010
Here we are sitting side by side
Laughing and smiling about nothing
Enjoying the vanishing time in this car ride
Don't know if you know it but when I'm here
Sitting next to you, everything in me feels sincere

Remember the time we drove for hours
All over these tiny towns for nothing at all
Just to be together in this time that is ours
Blasting the radio just to be loud
I smile, not caring, because with you I'm so proud

You make me feel so recklessly alive
When you hold my hand and show me
That this world will make you strive
Until you feel weak but you gotta look for the good
Out there just because you know that you should

Didn't believe in this before I met you
Didn't believe in much of anything
But now I'm willing to consider some things are true
I'll let you in if you let me in too
Because you see things in me
That no one else could ever see

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