The First Day

August 27, 2010
you're practically a stranger, but
something about this warm little music box
makes me feel safe from any danger
other than letting myself become real with you
maybe it's all just you, though
and the way you look and the way you smile
the way you're giving me a rush
do you want to kiss me as bad as i want to kiss you?
something about you looks delicious
i notice little things, i hope you do too
has it even been twenty four hours yet?
since you walked into my life right across the landing
probably not but i'm starting to like you
and meeting you is something i won't regret
now you're leaning in and my heart is pounding
just like a drum
i feel so dumb but you quiet the noise in my head
when your lips meet mine and make my heart stop
i feel like i'm on a roller coaster right at the last drop
i'm speeding up and down and i never want this to end
this is so perfect ; i'm glad we're friends.

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