The Land Where Life Replayed

September 4, 2010
Do tell me
Did you regret what you made?
Did you wish that you had stayed
In the land where life replayed
Away the same thing every day?

Could you feel the pain you hated,
The loss so belated
When wind sweeps you away?

Did you know the way I'd stay
Guarding you day after day
From what you created,
Without even saying
How I felt that day?

Did you know
That I was always put below
The others on your list of who
To care, to love, to be with you
Everyday without a change

Yet I
Was the one standing beside
Demanding that I try
To care, to be for you
You'd know that I'd be there

But you never appreciated
The way I stay right there,
With you
As I was desecrated
I was annihilated
By your lack of knowing
What I was showing
You to see, to be with you
All along....

But I stand here
Alone though I'm beside you
Watching you make
The same mistakes
Time and time again

I try to
Help you
Feel the way, now
What you say, every day now
To all those people
Lost and weeping inside

Yet you care
Nothing for them at all
They stare at me and you
As I try to tell them not to fall
As you stand
Laughing at their misery
I'm here whispering
Into your ear, never fear
The weird, the lonely tears

They ask me,
Who am I to be with you
Why do I protect you
And all I say is you today
Need to say who you will be tomorrow
Beyond the sorrow you know you're
Wrong and all along you've
Sung a song that no one knows
But me.

Tell me,
Did you care for anyone?
Did you know that I was the one
To save you
From the shadows
Of your night...

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