Love is Blind

September 4, 2010
By Anonymous

I hear the air around me
I stop and feel the breeze
Every time I think of you
A smile comes with ease
My thoughts are running wild
My heart is pounding loud
As I walk by you in the hall
My mind is like a cloud
That covers all surroundings
Except for me and you
For all I see is us
Oh, if only you knew
How much I love your smile
How much I love your hair
How much I love your everything
How much I really care
But if you knew just how I felt
And if you knew the truth
I doubt that it would matter
Since I’m not good for you
You’re so very beautiful
And I am just so plain
The only things I have for you
Is nothing you can’t gain
But something I can give you
That not many more can find
Is everlasting compassion
And love, they say, is blind

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