second guessing

August 20, 2010
By , lawrenceville, GA
I don’t know if I can wait for you
I might have to move on
But I love having you in my life
And I don’t want you to be gone

I love hearing your voice
And I love the way you kiss
I love how you say my name
How it rolls off your lips

I wish for your touch
And I wish for your feel
And I really want so much
For all of this to be real

I know that we could make this work
If we really try
But then I doubt that we could
And I wonder if it’s a lie

Do you love me for my body
Or do you love me for my soul
I’ve grown so tired of guessing
And this is getting old

I want to know if you’re committed
If you want the real deal
My hearts been fractured once before
And if I crash I might not be able to heal

I’m falling hard and fast for you
And I can’t seem to slow down
And I’m afraid I’ll only get a grip
If I fall and hit the ground

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