Twice Insanity

August 20, 2010
By , Marion, NC
One I love
The other I’m trying to like

She’s buried deep inside me
Black hair, brown eyes, petite
Engraved in my heart
With a heated wire hanger and poisonous ink
She walked in, quiet as a ballerina
One the edge of my interest
Who knew what she really played
Was the part of a guitarist
My heart was ripped free
Of the briers and tangles
Brought to the sun
And realized it wasn’t mangled
I sang her, her song
Our Song
She broke my heart
Said she was sorry
Here I am crawling back,
Telling her not to worry
Her voice brings me joy
I want, I want, I want
Can I still have it
Or is this just an awful ploy?

The other an enemy of my heart
Caused my petite princess pain
Fake extensions, likes colors that are tart
Of course I’m not still sane!
I like her from a distance
Up close, I’m not so sure
My princess says “no, don’t listen”
But I want my heart to heal
“Hey, hey, hey :)” “bye bye :(“
How do I answer?
My heart still hurts, I still want to cry
Can I make this work?
I have to pull it together!
Stand up tall
Face this weather
Chin up girl, it’s just the beginning
They each have their own set of knives
Sharpened for the skinning
You’re not ready to move on
Not to the girl
But you’re afraid
I promise, your fire will burn on

I love her
I like her
No one deserves to be a rebound
Don’t break a heart
Think smart
Come on, you’ve got a voice, make a sound
You’re an orchestra, so write your symphony
Damn, you’re the one who went deaf
The burn on your heart
Is as real as the one on your hand
Heal with ice
You’re princess, she’s your ice, a love so nice
Convince yourself she’s still yours
Live in your imaginary world
Go to sleep, hold her in your arms
You wake up,
Yep, still reality
At least she still cares
Maybe there’s still hope
Don’t let go of that
It won’t slip from your hands like soap

Neon Pink
Raven Black
When it comes down to the battle in your heart,
Is there really a hesitation?
I’ll fall, way down deep
Even if what’s pulling me down is a demon.
I’m a willing participant, a volunteer
Experiment on my heart, please
I thought I was insane Once
Ha, it was Twice.

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