An Addiction

August 20, 2010
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its what holds me together
its what keeps me sane
its the only thing i can ever do right
its everything i seem to hold
but at the same time
its everything that is tearing me up
its what is slowly pushing me towards insanity

and sometimes the world makes me twinge
with that forbidden horror
of my superglue,
that i can't even get that right.
and you ask me, "why?"
and i whisper to myself
"how can they not see?"
and i know its because all
they see are the bitemarks
left as a piece of me is slowly
devoured away
as an obsession becomes an addiction
until there is nothing
until i have nothing
until my superglue refuses to hold
my keeper of sanity
has become
my dealer of insanity
arguing who will triumph
over my deep innocent soul
which has only tried to please
but in the making
has only caused
harm upon herself.

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