August 20, 2010
By danielleinthesky BRONZE, Washington, Illinois
danielleinthesky BRONZE, Washington, Illinois
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god you're pathetic and everyone knows
hiding behind all your outdated clothes
your style has left with the cold winter air
and there's pieces of twigs tangled in your hair
you're rough and you're scruffy
and not at all well
and quite frankly it looks as if you just left hell
bags under your eyes and your fingernails yellowed
the smoke from your breath keeps your lungs undeveloped
you're too clueless to see how ugly you've gotten
your teeth are decaying, your skin aged and rotten
your organs deteriorate under your skin
and more fat, it appears, weighing under your limbs
with each step you take you release a soft sigh
blinking your pain stricken, sleep deprived eyes
brain dead and unconscious, in a paralyzed state
you're helpless at this or at any other rate
so go ahead and give in
walk towards the light or wherever
your stuck knowing this is your fault - forever and ever

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