snow angel

September 13, 2010
By olliebearapie BRONZE, Foster City, California
olliebearapie BRONZE, Foster City, California
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Favorite Quote:
"build courage from pain"

She was an angel, pure as snow
But with a heart forsaken from the start
She flew through the snow-covered forest
Looking for something to save her racing mind
To keep he from her dreadful end
As she flew something caught her eye
A light from a cave
She dove down to see what it could be
She couldn't keep away
She followed the foot prints in the white snow
And warped her arms around her self
Even her blood could chill
Tears began to fall
Nothing good to come of this
Could this be her final break down?
She was a pure angel with tragedy in her blood
She found the source of the light
It was radiating from a fire that smelt of lavender
Though the footprints have come to a halt there was no one to be found
She was alone physical at last
Mentally as always
She fell to her knees and wept
The solitary of life had become too much
The emotional ride had gone to far
She sat there as the fire warmed her chilling blood
She didn't know what else she could do so she sat still crying but no longer

A boy in black with wings as dark as coal stood before her
He looked about her, with eyes of sorrow
Her tears slowed but did not end
They did not speak a word just looked about each other
He watched her as her tears rolled down her face
She quickly looked away
Hiding her face
He moved closer to her
He reached out, she flinched then he pulled her close
Holding her in his arms
Letting her cry as he stroked her hair
He looked about her, studding her, trying to figure out where she had came from
He noticed the feather covered wings we're tattered
And scar covered.
"Who are you?" she asked
The first words were finally spoken
And he could not answer
His mind could only focuses on thing now
What has she been through?
He looked away from her and his hair fell into his face.
"I know your scars for I have the same" Is all he spoke

The author's comments:
not done yet, but i thought i'd post it as is for now

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