I Want to Be Forever Yours

August 30, 2010
It's hard to believe that It's actually over.
I close my eyes sometimes
hoping that maybe this is all a dream.
I was finally starting to think
that reality was better.

Everywhere I go, I am reminded of you.
The ring, the bear, the blanket, the T shirt.
You probably got rid of all the stuff I gave you.
All our memories.
You asked me to be best friends like before
and just forget everything.
How can I ever forget the greatest
time of my life?

Everyday I cry, hoping that you would just
come back to me, but I know you never will.
It hurts inside to think about it and
Every time I hear a love song, I know
it came from pain like this.

I dread every moment of seeing your face
and the one armed hugs that mean
nothing at all.
I feel like such a friend, a nothing, a nobody.
Oh,I would do anything to be yours again.
Just for one last time, make it like it was before.
Make it like it was that night when you said,
"I want to be forever yours."

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