August 30, 2010
By , Cincinnati, OH
Pretty girl

With big, blue eyes.

He doesn’t deserve

Her many cries.

Cold, lonely nights

Full of despair.

Shattered glass

And clippings of beautiful hair.

She gave away her heart,

Not knowing it would be

Torn apart.

Now she’s all alone.

At least, that’s what it

Feels like.

Floating in a black hole,

Clear of thought, out of sight.

Pretty girl

With a beautiful smile.

Your heart will heal,

It’ll just take a while.

Scared and afraid.

Thinking to herself,

“How can I ever love again?”

Open sores and slit wrists,

Her scars remind us of her past.

She hates her life,

I want it to last.

Running mascara and

Blood shot eyes.

She walks to her room,

Sits down and sighs.

What is the point of crying?

Nothing ever gets better.

All this pain

Digs into her insides.

Pretty girl,

With the cutest laugh.

I remind you that we always

Have each other

When everything else is gone.

I am here for you

When things are wrong.

Believe me when I speak,

you have the power to

stop feeling weak.

Your scars will heal.

So will your heart.

All you have to do is

Go to bed and wake up

With a new start.

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