feelings of a girl

August 30, 2010
By MandiBabiie BRONZE, Clifton, New Jersey
MandiBabiie BRONZE, Clifton, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
Love isnt about the cars,money, or clothes its about the song a person sings that only you can understand

tell me something
when your lips touched
did you not feel the plug of our love
light a spark
and when you sit there across the room
do you not feel the zoom of a camera
to see only you and i
could you honestly prepare yourself mentally
and not feel your heart skip a beat
when you see me grow a smile
as im walking down the strret
listening to a song
reminding me of the time
our eyes took a dance
felt as if i was in a trance
or as if a lion were to prance on its prey
those are just a few of the words that make me want to say
how much i love you pressence
how i try to make you stay
here with me
mentally and emotionally
holding me close
till i cant breathe
then youll know
how im scared
scared that you might just let go...

The author's comments:
ive been going through alot lately. my bf being in the marines. i just need to remind myself i love him.

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