The Old Man

August 30, 2010
By MandiJo SILVER, Cherokee Village, Arkansas
MandiJo SILVER, Cherokee Village, Arkansas
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He sits in a corner
With a downward face
He wants to think that his life will end
Every day he thinks of them
His most prized possessions
But they are out of reach
He can’t get up
He sleeps there
He eats and drinks there
All in his corner
Stuck in a chair for eternity
But he doesn’t want to get up
Maybe to fill his sorrow
With a bottle titled
On his lips
He won’t do anything
To get them back
Just waits for them to come to him
But he’s wrong they always will love him
Even if he did wrong
He won’t step up and be a man
He wants to feel pity on himself
He has given up on God
That won’t do him any good
The thunder keeps rolling
And the bottle keeps tilting
He says he’s going to hell
And there is no way to help
God won’t forgive him
But the old man has to forgive himself first
And make things right
With the ones he left
And the ones he’s with
He doesn’t realize his prized possessions
His children
Will love him, but he must
Make what’s wrong right
His wife and children now
Besides the other three
Love him now
But he’s to stubborn
And is pushing them away
With every drink
And all the rage
And as he sits in the corner
His face turned down
All I can feel is sorrow
For the old man
Holding his best friend
The only one he’s ever had
His drink
May god forgive this poor soul

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