Watchful People

August 30, 2010
By killingedge011 BRONZE, Summerset, Wisconsin
killingedge011 BRONZE, Summerset, Wisconsin
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"If you cant run, you crawl, if you cant crawl... you find some one to carry you."

I screamed with pain.
As the man with the knife hurt me
For the green in my wallet
Looking up into the starry night

I fall to earth
Embracing the pain
Looking up into the windows
Of those I called neighbors

Those I met
Those I helped
Those I liked
Those I called friends.

I look up at them with pleading eyes
I helped them
Surely they would help me
Pleading eyes searching

I look for those I called friends
They meet my gaze for but a second
Then look away in shame

Each time
My hope is crushed
My heart shattered
My fears confirmed

Of those I had called neighbors
Of those I called friends
They would not help
Instead they would watch

They watch with a horrified fascination
As the man with the knife
Took the green from my wallet
Why don’t they help me?

I cry out
With fear
With pain
With anger

Why did they just watch?
Why did they leave?
I tried to fight
I tried to win

Blackness blanketed me
In its cold embrace
With a parting gift
I opened my eyes with a shock

I stood swaying slightly
I stood in a valley of black sand
I stood looking into the horizon
I stood for days

A cold wind
The presence echoed
I did not hear it
But I knew

I turned
There it stood
Tall and mighty
On a pale horse

The Harvester
The Horseman
The Reaper

My spirit broken
My heart shattered
I had no fear
I met its gaze

"I care not for what comes after."
The figure said nothing
"Answer me but one question."
The hooded figure nodded once

"They watched as I was killed"
"That’s all they did was watch"
"My question…
What cruel animal be man?"

"To watch a person
A friend be killed
And only watch
With a cold hunger!"

The hooded figure said nothing
A torrent of images filled my mined
I fell to my knees as it answered
I wept

After a time I stood
The figure still there saying nothing
It lifted a gloved hand and pointed towards the horizon
Staring into the distance

I walked
To the edge
To the shadows
To the end

Man is truly a cruel animal.

The author's comments:
I'm sick of seeing the News showing footage that they really shouldn't even have in the first place. stuff that only family should see. That line of thinking brought me to realize many of us don't really like to do much but to sit and watch. As long as its not our problem many of us wont fight back at all let alone fight for right and wrong. /sigh

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