Watchful People

August 30, 2010
I screamed with pain.
As the man with the knife hurt me
For the green in my wallet
Looking up into the starry night

I fall to earth
Embracing the pain
Looking up into the windows
Of those I called neighbors

Those I met
Those I helped
Those I liked
Those I called friends.

I look up at them with pleading eyes
I helped them
Surely they would help me
Pleading eyes searching

I look for those I called friends
They meet my gaze for but a second
Then look away in shame

Each time
My hope is crushed
My heart shattered
My fears confirmed

Of those I had called neighbors
Of those I called friends
They would not help
Instead they would watch

They watch with a horrified fascination
As the man with the knife
Took the green from my wallet
Why don’t they help me?

I cry out
With fear
With pain
With anger

Why did they just watch?
Why did they leave?
I tried to fight
I tried to win

Blackness blanketed me
In its cold embrace
With a parting gift
I opened my eyes with a shock

I stood swaying slightly
I stood in a valley of black sand
I stood looking into the horizon
I stood for days

A cold wind
The presence echoed
I did not hear it
But I knew

I turned
There it stood
Tall and mighty
On a pale horse

The Harvester
The Horseman
The Reaper

My spirit broken
My heart shattered
I had no fear
I met its gaze

"I care not for what comes after."
The figure said nothing
"Answer me but one question."
The hooded figure nodded once

"They watched as I was killed"
"That’s all they did was watch"
"My question…
What cruel animal be man?"

"To watch a person
A friend be killed
And only watch
With a cold hunger!"

The hooded figure said nothing
A torrent of images filled my mined
I fell to my knees as it answered
I wept

After a time I stood
The figure still there saying nothing
It lifted a gloved hand and pointed towards the horizon
Staring into the distance

I walked
To the edge
To the shadows
To the end

Man is truly a cruel animal.

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