The Bright Light

August 30, 2010
By emileei SILVER, Surrey, Other
emileei SILVER, Surrey, Other
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Just because they’re not right in front of your face doesn’t mean your words aren’t hurting someone behind that screen you hide your words are hurting someone

Hiding behind that light that shines on your face does it make you bolder does it make you feel riskier what is it that’s gives you that confidence to tell people that there stupid, useless and not good enough

You don’t have the right to tear someone down just because your hiding in a safe place at the time and no one can say anything to you doesn’t mean you can hurt someone like that

Online you are, but a bully it still makes you because you cannot see the person does not mean you aren’t hurting someone breaking them down and tarring them apart it does not change what you are doing

Face to face has been replaced by the bright screen and small machine, which gives people something to hide behind and be someone who they are not or someone they want to be

These girls tare apart friendships they take the littlest things and make them into something they are not just because there is a screen and a box that lets you type unlimited amount of words does not give you the right to hurt someone

Don’t be another statistic stand beyond that be the one that’s stops this all the one that shows people its not right to attack just because your hidden by the screen

While consumed by this light that sits in almost every house hold we say things that would never be said in real life and that’s the problem so does everyone else where does it end

A teen girls death because of humiliation, someone bullied until no more can be taken what will it take for this to stop for this all to end

Realize what you are doing and what you are saying realize who you are hurting stand beyond that and realize behind that bright light that shines upon your face you are no one different or greater
you are you
and you are the only one that can make things right beyond that bright light

The author's comments:
This poem is all about online bullying and how it is affecting girls everywhere and what it is doing.

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