Summer's End

August 30, 2010
By AspiringAuthorAnonymous BRONZE, Lititz, Pennsylvania
AspiringAuthorAnonymous BRONZE, Lititz, Pennsylvania
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The summer’s ending, the leaves are changing and I’m about to cry
I don’t want to leave this place but my heart just won’t say why
The memories are here from every summer and past
But the real person inside me knew this wouldn’t last
I am growing up and getting to old to stay here
But the memories that were made here will always keep me dear
As we part I ask one thing and this forever be my dream
Catch me when I fall and give me breath when I run out
My breath is low and so is life so help me to live on. Carry my life on and never forget me.

The author's comments:
As summer ended I just thought about what some summers seem to make you feel.

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