Open Your Window

August 4, 2010
They say the eyes are the
windows to the soul.
What happens when you
put up a shield?
Cover yourself up and hide
behind whats not real,
are you afraid of what
people might see?
Do you believe in me?
For I cannot tell,
what hides behind closed eyes.
Are you telling the truth,
or feeding me lies?
My eyes stay open,
letting the world peer in.
My face is a page,
easy to read.
Your eyes are closed,
keeping the world locked out.
Your face is a shield,
blocking out my love.
I promise.
I promise that you are
strong and beautiful,
you are golden.
Your eyes begin to open and
I see the most brilliant light.
Being yourself is risky,
You just might be shut down,
I am here to lift you up.
Forever you are beautiful,
for you always have been.

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