August 13, 2010
By Quentin Adams SILVER, Colleyville, Texas
Quentin Adams SILVER, Colleyville, Texas
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Mr.Plum was a very sad man.
He was sad in the office;
He was sad in his house;
He was even sad at his daughters wedding
No doubt.

"Why are you so sad Mr.Plum?" they would ask him.
But he could give no reply.
And no, it wasn't that he was shy or sly
Or even that he wasn't able to fly.

It wasn't that his neighbors were noisy,
His roses weren't red,
Or his home wasn't cozy.

You see Mr.Plum had a problem you see
That made him sad, sad as can be.

When Fall turned to Winter
And the trees came to splinter,
Mr.Plum would come out
In the snow and just sit there
wondering- why the days were so long

and so dark, and what made

the trees lose their nice bark?

He would ponder for hours, for days and
For weeks; Oh how his thoughts turned
Him so Bleak! The rain on the sidewalk,
How it fell on his head, how it ran like a
Stream into the creek-bed.

And when the sun would come out, he'd say,
"Go Away!" Nothing could make me more miserable
This day!

He would close all the curtains,
And shut all his doors,
And keep himself busy with
Busy Bee chores!

He got the mop wet and he moped
The whole house,
Even the carpets and windows
And couch!

He swept the garage, he dusted
His chairs and,
My oh my his house did look

But Mr.Plum was still sad, sad as can be.

He had closed all his curtains and
Shut all his doors,
Dusted his chairs and
Mopped all his floors;

He watched the rain in and he
Watched it go out,
But now he wondered,
Is this what life's all

Darkness and Brooding and Sadness and Shame;
Mr.Plum saw there was only one person to blame.

So he opened his windows, his curtains his doors;
he let the light in and he stopped with his chores.

Mr.Plum had a new smile, you see, and its
bigger than you and its bigger than me, it
stretches to the ocean and out to the sea;
Its the bestest big smile you ever did see!

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