To my dogs...

August 13, 2010
You feel nothing but pure joy
At the simplest of things
A joy that’s never tainted
By the problems around you
Just encouraged by the love
That will always surround you
You bask in the excitement
That your master coming home brings
Your favourite sensation
Is the wind
Pulling your ears back
As you run through the weeds and tall grass
Running, jumping, coming back home
To belly rubs, kisses, and pats on the back
What more do you need?
When you have everything a dog could want
You have so much love,
It’s quickly spread
When you touch me it lights me up
And I smile when I see
Your lippy grin
And in my lap, there’s your head
Looking up at me with your brown eyes
For something so clumsy,
Clueless, silly and carefree
You have taught me so much
And there still more, I’m sure
You taught me how to live,
Cherish the little things,
And love with all my heart
That’s the way I love you
And that’s for teaching me
Such an amazing way to be

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