Invisible Man

August 24, 2010
By Anonymous

I love you.
My heart knows its true,
but how wen i have no memory of you?
I cherish you, though uve done nothing, for me.
or ur image i have yet to see
The sound of your voice is well, a mystery,
because, like ive said me and you, we have no history.
Ive seen many pictures of you,
all tall and strong.
but rarly was there one, of me too.
If you were around,
where were you hiding?
was i got not good enough?
answer me now,
and please no lying.
Your addictions consumed you,
but what did i do?
did you not realize ur actions affected me to?
was it all worth it in the end?
you lost your love, your family,
your only true friend.
i hope one day i might see,
but for your now your still invisible to me.
when we meet listen up im going to give you these suggestions,
so sit down, shut up, and please no questions.
never again leave me behind,
u only get one more chance,
so trust me you wont get to rewind
your selfish habbits will never again come before me,
are u understanding, do you agree?
break these rules and you will pay,
trust me these words arent just words i mean them i dont play,
i mean them i truley do,
each and everyone im aiming towards you.
Oh invisible man,
tell me can u live with my plan?
or will the monkeys on ur back grow back,
comsuming this relationship that we currently lack
i hope you have changed
for your sake and mine,
and to prove it i even wrote you this little rhyme.

The author's comments:
This is about my father who has been in prison my hole life, he gave up his family for drugs and alcohol, and he is getting out of prison now and wants to be apart of my life and this is my feeling towards all that.

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