I've Loved you Since Before Creation

August 29, 2010
By joey611 SILVER, Hamden, Ohio
joey611 SILVER, Hamden, Ohio
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When your life is upside down, it may seem like you have to learn to stand on your hands to see things as normal again.

God knew that I’d love you before Adam and Eve.
Before they ate that fruit from the tree.
Forever to be, just you and me.
Since prior to the worlds formation.
I’ve loved you since before creation.

We were always destined to be.
Against all odds, in front of the God’s.
A love that grows, and forever shows.
Since before the dawn of time.
Since before the earth’s decoration.
I’ve love you since before creation.

Born apart, are you and I.
Oh that Lord he made you shy.
We meet at last before we know,
That our love from forever has started to grow.
Slowly and surely, thus it begins.
You and I started only as friends.
You’ve given me an inspiration.
I’ve loved you since before creation.

Instead of with me you’re with my friend.
I believe my world is going to end.
I watch you bend until you break.
It seems the earth begins to shake.
You’ve entered such a bad situation.
I’ve loved you since before creation.

Finally you begin to see
How you’ve always and forever belonged with me.
We make it through our graduation.
I’ve loved you since before creation.

I take your hand,
We make our vows.
I pray to God, “Please tell me how”
Before the entire congregation.
I’ve loved you since before creation.

You’re bearing our child.
My hearts going wild.
We’re having a daughter
I’m going to be a father.
I give to you my dedication.
I’ve loved you since before creation

Growing old, you and I.
Our love is limited only by the sky.
Our child is growing every day.
Now another is on the way.
A boy, what joy.
He’ll have a great imagination.
I’ve loved you since before creation.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem for my Girlfriend Brittany.

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