Once was alive and well

August 29, 2010
By Peaceful_Beauty SILVER, Nocatee, Florida
Peaceful_Beauty SILVER, Nocatee, Florida
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Playful and gullible he was as a child. Loved life from inside out. But u could see the hate inside his eyes, he really needed out. He would smile from ear to ear, what a fake smile it was. But how wonderful his life did seem, people just couldnt see what his mother always does. He would hide the hate and confusion, for he was a child you must know. He didnt know how to leave, so he couldnt let it show. After long nights of darkness, you would think he couldnt take it. After seeing life from above him, he just had to fake it. Bruises you would see upon his face, but mommy always told him exactly what to say. "I was riding my bicycle and fell off or Im just a kid, it happens, dont worry, im tough." But really his mommy would say while she beat him, " You do not deserve to live, why did i have u. You're a mistake that shouldnt have happened, you're a worthless child, I hate u." But he thought mommy loved him even though she did wrong. Watching mommy do drugs every night, bringing different men, thats not wrong? He loved mommy yes he did so he forgave her all the time, but he now has to watch his mommy always lieing. The last night she had beat him he was to weak to with stand, so he lie there in pain wishing y cant i b a man. B loved like mommy loved all those men, b happy like every one else can. So he died that night wishing he could have been loved, but we all know he tryed and now he waits up above.

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