my swollen heart

August 29, 2010
By Moorbeauty SILVER, Miami, Florida
Moorbeauty SILVER, Miami, Florida
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To feel how I feel
The pain, the emotions, the happiness, the sadness
We were together
In love
My love for you was above average
The hate I had was below minimum
We shared emotions, a family and so much more
My heart has broken
Swollen around the cracks
My love for you hasn’t faded but gained
People say I’m crazy and my love for you isn’t real
But if you knew how I felt
The pain would be surreal
My swollen heart has tried to mend
But there are too many cracks for them to bend
All out’ a shape and all out’ a place
My swollen changed its pace
Slowly it beats slowly I go
Along with my life on a simple road
No rumps, no bumps, or limits of speed
The pace I move is surprisingly me
The pace of my swollen heart that won’t mend

The author's comments:
its how i feel and alot of people feel the same way so why not let me speak for them .

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