An Erratic Journey

August 29, 2010
A pinwheel of emotions,
but the wind is dying down.
Slower now, the once erratic changes.
Ha! Haha!
That's what you thought.
Step back baby, I'm...
dying! Ugh...
The pain is wrenching,
peeling my skin away...
and uncovering a hidden love!
A better me,
one who could...
rip you limb from torso!
Pull out your putrid guts and
stomp until I got too disgusted
to have you defiling my...
toes. Hey, those are some
weird appendages.
Piggy - yet twiggy.
Plump and pink,
ripe for the picking. Or licking.
Tickling. That's sickening. And riveting.
Blasted rivets always punching holes in this and that. And this.

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