The Horse

August 28, 2010
By miss-poli GOLD, Bowdon, Georgia
miss-poli GOLD, Bowdon, Georgia
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The Horse,
The horse,
He mocks the horse.
He talks the horse.

The horse,
The horse,
He walks the horse.
He is the horse.

And well, the horse is he.

He stretches forth his hand
Sweet apple in his palm.
Come closer little one
Worry not, my friend, be calm.

He snorts and huffs
And even growls
At the man that stands.

Come closer child
I am your friend
Your worries should be mild.

I have a sugar cube,
Right here.
It’s yours if you
Will trust me, dear.

Come closer, beast,
Be not disturbed.
I trust you now,
Don’t I?

Wild sire,
Young king,
Pale minister
Of mine.

A statue,
I will stand here.
Till after the sun has fallen out of the sky.
Till after the moon awakes your eye.

Wait through the rain
And through the cold.
Wait till you come,
Until you’re old.

Don’t blink,
Don’t cough,
Don’t make a move.

Just stand and stare
And you can prove
That man and horse can be the same.

He stands
And stares.

He stands
And stares.

He waits
And patiently compares.

The beast is there,
The beast is trust.
It is the man that is in doubtful lust.

The horse does not come
Not because he is scared.
But because it’s the man that is
Honorably impaired.

Come, my dear and noble beast.
I will not do to you what I have done to Him.

Walk forth, my friend,
And trust me anew.
You are a show to me of me new…
My new.

A new opportunity,
To be divine, and pure.
Come forth, my fair creature,
And my presence endure.

The trust, the trust, I have to earn.
The lust, the lust,
I cannot burn.

The need for your attention,
The need for your devotion,
Be my new friend.

Wild creature,
But tame soul.
I shall befriend you,
That’s my goal.

Keep my eye on you…
Keep your wits about .
You are my friend, oh creature divine.

He stretches his hand forth…
To try one last time.

And finally, a magical encounter,
Between man and horse.

The author's comments:
Okay this one is confusing so... SYMBOLISM: the man is corruption and all that has become corrupt. The horse is what remains of integrity and innocence. "He" is God.

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