Mentally Paranormal

August 28, 2010
By Odia123 BRONZE, New Haven, Connecticut
Odia123 BRONZE, New Haven, Connecticut
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All these voices in my head pulling me left to right,
Don’t know what direction to go in
I try to scream but the sound won’t leave my mouth,
I live with the pain all through the night
The pain and torture of confusion
Too hurtful to cry and too painful to express
My body is dead and moist
In the morning it’s too cold and in the night it’s too hot
My soul is burning in endless fire
My brain vanished
I stare into the misty cool air in my imagination
I hear sobbing with distant yells
My body slowly disintegrates
As my skeleton begins to show the fire stops
My skin grows back
I can think again
My body is now rejuvenated by its opposite treatment
My body’s enemy saved it
So, who are now my allies?

The author's comments:
My inspiration for this was basically the way my teenage mind works its pretty unpredictable and always on the edge.

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