A Storm Over The Sea

August 27, 2010
By dragonkeeper BRONZE, Leighton, Alabama
dragonkeeper BRONZE, Leighton, Alabama
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A storm is over the sea
The wind howls
And the water churns
Our boat, with a dragon’s head
Our pride of the sea,

The name of her, Forlorn
Sails under the lightning storm
In the sea of chaos
The lightning cracks like a slaver’s whip
And on we must sail

With the wind of a harsh gale
Our captain shouts, “All hands on deck!”
So onward we rush to do our best
With ever a thought of hopeful rest
A storm over the sea

Out on the deck as lightning flashes,
And the Forlorn crashes
Upon the waves
We rush out to batten down the hatches
Until at last the Forlorn crashes

Once again, but this time upon the cliffs
Of an island
Tired and weary
And a few teary
We of the Forlorn

Who then wished we weren’t born
Went overboard with a splash!
As the lightning made a flash
Into the cold water we sank
And heard the Forlorn sink in too

As I begin to expire
From the cold of the water
And want of air
My desire to see my wife and little daughter grew
They were far away

Warm and safe
And so I die with the others
A smile on this old sailor’s face
And hoping to see my wife and daughter
Again in a happy place

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this poem by a painting I was looking at.

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