August 26, 2010

do you hear it?

the earth speaks
it whispers gently
through the wind
that blows gently
by your ear
on a summer night;
through the tranquil
pond in your backyard
still and silent
through the crackling
campfire lighting up the night
burning and chattering
through the moist grass
underneath your feet
dampened by dew

please listen
for the earth will speak
it will talk to those
that walk upon it
that shape it
with every moment
of their life

please listen
for the earth has many stories
to tell the young;
we are the new
we must fix the
problems of the old
we must listen
to our mother earth
to shape this world
in a better way.

please listen
for the earth has much to say to us
and our mother earth
will only speak
to those of us

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IntheHeartofFantasy said...
Sept. 14, 2010 at 7:15 pm
I LOVE THIS!!!!!!! Brilliant! amazing! Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!
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