Walking through needles

August 26, 2010
By evdiamond BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
evdiamond BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
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I've only fallen two feet below ground,
I know it 'cause it hurt as much as a single frown,
My heart still beats,
I am only human,
I've made typical mistakes,
that everyone makes,
although can you compare it to the things I have faced?,
Sometimes memories are the only things you can keep,
however keeping them has prevented me from sleep,
I'm only trying to forget,
live what I have not,
only trying to achieve,
trying to succeed,
I've been pulled down before but not now,
I'm going to reach as high as I can ,
my finger tips touching the stars above the clouds,
I'm now out of the cocoon,
spreading my wings,
coming from a beginning,
instead of an ending,
Hoping I wont fall down the deep hole,
Regaining strength to fight against it,
'cause it was like walking through needles.

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