That Little Girl Bailie

August 26, 2010
That little girl died
And I didn’t even know her.
She was six, only just starting her life.
She had cancer and it took her.

I don’t know why I’m crying,
I didn’t even know her.
Where I volunteered at her school,
I read about her and saw the papers on the wall
Asking people to walk for her cure.

We couldn’t have done it if we tried.
She was too young,
Her body too weak.
She didn’t stand a chance.

Maybe that’s why I’m crying.
She was so young,
Where did it come from?
Why wasn’t there a cure for her?

I read in the paper
And felt real bad,
But didn’t think about it.
I can’t believe she’s gone.

That’s why I’m crying.
I thought she would live,
Even though she was young
And we don’t have a cure.

I thought that this little child
Would make it through.
I didn’t see reality.
But now she’s gone.
I can’t believe it happened.

I wish I had walked,
I wish I had prayed.
Done more than just wished she got better.
I wish I had the cure,
Somewhere in my brain.

Next time I’ll walk,
And I’ll donate and pray.
The next child will live.
I can’t let Him take them away.

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