Summer Fades

August 29, 2010
By Kimberly.Zamuda BRONZE, Fairfax, Virginia
Kimberly.Zamuda BRONZE, Fairfax, Virginia
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Summer is fading away
Fading into a distant memory
One that we all long for to be real
Fall has its head peaking around the door,
Waiting for the right moment
To jump out and surprise us.
Walks to the beach,
Days lounging beside the pool,
Sleepovers and staying up late,
Way too late.
Laughs, hugs, silly inside jokes,
And that sense of freedom,
They’re all gone.
Summer love,
Dates to the movie theater
Ten o’clock at night on a Sunday.
Plans that are thought up in seconds
Taking us many miles from home,
Thunderstorms and days spent reading one book,
Smiles and pictures
And the feeling that you’re invincible
They’re all gone.
Movie marathons and popcorn fights,
Laughing till our stomachs ache.
Swinging on swings and playing tag,
Acting stranger then usual,
Simply because nothing can hold us back.
Rainbow painted toes and braided hair,
And the feeling that this will last forever,
They’re all gone.
Summer is fading away quickly,
Like a red balloon floating away into the blue sky,
Up, up, and away until it disappears.
My hopes are shattered,
My freedom is taken away
My happiness fades away too.
My world is a prison,
Chained down by stress, rules, and a set time frame.
The memory of the glorious summer
Is etched in the front of my mind,
Helping me through each painful day,
Until those days return
And I can free again.

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