I want, I wish, I need

August 26, 2010
I am tired of the memories.
I want to be able to move on.
I want to see you and say hi.
I want to wake up and not think about how you were in my dreams.
I want peace and content
I want my heart to mend
I want to stop crying from the hurt you left
I want the words we lashed at one another
To fade until they are completely
I wish I could find someone to not even take your place
But to fill in the holes you left
I wish each night thoughts of you didn’t filter through my head
I wish you I had the courage to tell you I miss you
I wish I could just let go
I wish the need wasn’t so apparent in me
I wish I didn’t crave your touch
I need someone to tell me my future
I need to live in the present
I need to move on from the past.

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