6 letter words

August 26, 2010
By Casey Loew GOLD, Newport, New Jersey
Casey Loew GOLD, Newport, New Jersey
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The word cancer never really means much to you until someone close to you gets it.
I mean your whole life you learn words with 6 letters and you use them everyday of your life.
You let them just slip off your tongue and you never look back and you never remember.
One of the first 6 letter words I was blessed to learn was poppop
One of the most important people in my life
I never thought one of the best 6 letter words I was to learn would ever be in the same sentence as one of the scariest
“Your poppop has cancer” they said tears running down their cheeks
The words shot down my spine, but I’ve never been the one to show fear
Stay strong for the family, pray for a miracle, and hide all your fears
Some nights I pray for hours, there’s so much that he can’t miss
High school graduation, college graduation, my wedding, my kids, my life
He’s all I have ever know he’s part of who I am today
I pray for every minute, every month, every year that he will still be here
I love him with my whole heart, and everything I am, and ever will be
I love my poppop<3

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