Hating Love

August 26, 2010
By Hallaloya13 BRONZE, Khartoum, Florida
Hallaloya13 BRONZE, Khartoum, Florida
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I Hate It !
I Hate Love
I Hate What Love Is
I Hate What Love Does

Hate The Fact That I'm In Love
Hate The Fact That I Don't Hate Love
Hate The Fact That I Hate The Man But Not Love

Hate The Truth Behind The Lie
Hate The Fact That I Was So Blind
How cloud I Not See !
OH God Such Stupidity Of Me

Why Are We To Look For Love
Why Are To Crave It
Is It Gods Nature
The Way We're Created
Or Is A Necessity
Or An urge To Be Betrayed-ed
Is It For The Faint
Is It For The Weak
Is It For Real
But Who I'm I To Speak

I Hate Love I Hate The Man
I Hate Love Because Tears Is All It Sprung
Being Suffocated No Air In My Lungs
I Hate Being In Love Because It Hurts Like Hell
I Hate Being In Love
It's Like Putting Your Heart Out For Sale
It's Like Being Imprisoned
No One To Pay The Bale

Hate Love That's A Lie
Hate The Man I Couldn't If I Tried
The Say If You Want To Survive
Love Love But Love Not The Man
If Your In Love Don't Deny
It Kills If You Keep It Inside

The author's comments:
Inspired By O.K

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