August 25, 2010
By , Frisco, TX
The color of hypocrisy is in your lips
the stain, it's permanent
I wash your mouth, then scrub again
the poison causes me torment
the toxins that emit from you
are lethal as you speak
i wish to hide or run from you
but the fumes have made me weak
i cannot stand to hate you
there was a time when we were friends
but at the time your lips were pink
as they will be in the end
the venom in your tongue
will soon be the death of me
and though i know this fact is true
here i am, still listening
to your poisonous lies
your heartfelt truths
and all that comes in between
that sinks into my roots
i absorbs the venom that you give
the harm spread from me to you
but this would all not sting so bad
if each thing you said was not true
if each lie was not a lie
but just a honest fact
that the glass life I lead
is really just an act
and because the more you speak
the more the trues are stacked
and all the pressure on my life
eventually my glass will crack
I talk of you bring a hypocrite
Your stain is permanent
I’d wash your mouth and scrub again
Because your poison gives me torment
The torment of the possibility
That one day I will shatter
And spill to everyone I know
The things that really matter
And while your lips are pink
Mine are only black
That hide the words of sin
Before my lips do crack
I talk of you being a hypocrite
With your words an evil game
When really I should not speak
Because we are just the same

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