Dream Away, Young One

August 24, 2010
The dreams of a child
Are full of color and fun,
And laughter can be found there.

A child, young and innocent;
They deserve to stay ignorant.
The world is too cold a place.

Full of shadows and lies,
The world crushes hopes and lives.
They deserve more than that.

A dream, a hope, a wish.
All vanish, all are nonsense
to the real, cold, harsh world.

She wants to be a princess.
He a sailor; Her an astronaut.
Let them drea, hope, wish.

A fashion designer, an artist, a singer.
Full, beautiful, colorful dreams.
The road to them is hard, perhaps impossible.

So dream away, young one.
The world is not a place for you.
Dreams are most beautiful when they come true.

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