Some if thoughts

August 13, 2010
If you think to hard your brain hurts.
If you bite your lips you bleed.
If you trip and fall you may break a bone.
If your talking you can't listen.
These things are all true, whether they apply more to others then some or not.
If you have an idea you may forget it.
If you touch a hot stove you will get burned.
If there is a wall you may run into it.
I know I do.
Why these things happen because of there causes I am not totally sure.
It would be very interesting though if when you touched a hot stove your brain hurt.
And if falling on a knife made you laugh.
If you cried after eating Doritos and had no choice but to sing after a nap.
If when you pressed enter your hair turned green, or when you dialed a phone it started to rain.
Certain things go together and some just do not.
Could it be the same with people?
Hey, its just a thought.
What if when we picked our nose someone's lawn was automatically mowed?
Or when we sprayed a bottle our carpets talked and mine said his name was Kevin?
I wonder why the causes and happenings are so firmly wired with their effects.
These are all just thoughts that I'm thinking about.
Normally this kind of thinking would cause me to doubt.
Today though I will change that effect on my day and chose to say,
I thought up a new thought that turned into a poem. Hip-hip-hurray!

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