August 13, 2010
Such great honor, patience, respect, strength and time is devoted and due to a soldier.
Risks his life for family, friends, and complete strangers in his country.
Some of the time, he goes long times without living a normal day.
His mind is rarely at peace for fear of death; except a follower of Him.
Family worries; when they’ll see him last; yet is at peace knowing that he would die with honor.
Two worldly things can comfort a soldier, but one spiritual thing will do.
When he’s on the field, ready to quit, the flag reminds him why he’s there.
His strength is suddenly restored as he finishes the task at hand.
When he’s down at night, the thought of his family brings tears.
He pulls out the letters, pictures, memories and cries.
Yes…a brave, strong soldier cries; sometimes out of joy for seeing them soon,
And sometimes it is out of sadness; but who can blame him?
The one spiritual thing, that gives a soldier hope, is God.
If he is saved, dies on the field, he’s present with the Lord.
And if he comes home, it is by God’s loving grace.
The Lord never forgets his children; even in a soldier’s land

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