Kamikaze Butterfly

August 21, 2010
By rainsinger BRONZE, Chaska, Minnesota
rainsinger BRONZE, Chaska, Minnesota
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I just got kissed by a kamikaze butterfly
Flying, swooping through the air
He cares whether or not he lives or dies
The moment is his only master
A clever fool in a world that is foolish.
I just got kissed by a kamikaze butterfly.
Spinning on a breeze
A prima donna on a stage
He comes to rest on my arm.
On the outside he blends
On the inside he’s beautiful;
Both the beauty and the beast.
He sniffs my arm and dances all around.
It tickles.
I giggle at the wonderful moment.
He stops to look at me.
Quietly, he kisses me and flies away,
Never to be seen again.
The feel of his touch lingers,
And with every pulse of my blood,
I feel the butterfly’s caress.
I smile, for I am special,
Chosen to receive this gift.
I just got kissed by a kamikaze butterfly.

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