Destroy Me.

August 26, 2010
By xSammyx BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
xSammyx BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
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There’s a stillness that lurks underneath,
Every smile I put on for the world to see.
Waiting for the moment when I start to crack,
And I’m overwhelmed by all the things I hold back.
Hello, darkness, take me by the hand.
Show me that it’s possible to drown on dry land.
My head is full of voices from strangers I’ll never meet,
We’re all trapped, just waiting for our release.
The world has lost it’s color, and so have I.
It hurts to the point where I can’t even cry.
I always get lost in the depths of my own mind
Constantly finding ways to avoid the sick and blind.
I am lost with no hope of safe return,
I am empty with nothing but fires that no longer burn.
Hello, weakness, consume every fiber of my being.

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