Diffrent worlds in one

August 24, 2010
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darkness is my name!
its who i represent.
no shadow nor light can even compare.they call me s.b sleeping beauty is my style. i live today as i fear there maybe no hope for tomorrow.you my dear friend walk with strides of pride i don't blame you i say,you don't have a mat for a bed. soft cushions i hear! can yours be among those that fit a whole pool?
i hear breakfast a buffet but i have to eat dogs food. you wear spiky sharp sandles, i co with no cover.
you drive to any world you want but to me, walking is even a fantasy.
i beg all day and wear rags while you on the other hand shop all day and night and you can't even spare me a scarf.
what caused this insanity?
were you not my very best friend? but now that i am poor you trea tme a dog. i never chose this route!
you put your best foot forward
i, so ashamed can't even face a new day.
i have no legs and beg for a living you drive masters and eat sushi as appetizers!
Spare me some sanity! take your cheap pride away!!!!

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