August 24, 2010
By QuintonV SILVER, Evanston, Illinois
QuintonV SILVER, Evanston, Illinois
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the spindle fibers of the psychedelic mind waves,

spinning in the deepest darkest of caves,

the dark overwhelms them

consuming the tiny chemical reaction.

its a technical attraction,

pulling in all sorts of people,

causing the mind to make this complicated reaction,

the people that die from this isnt just a mere fraction,

but people take the risk since,

its a adrenaline pumping action.

even NOW the psychedelic mind waves race,

into each and every one of us.

each persons psychedelic dosage needs a different pace,

thats in my case at least.

you must always keep a brace,

on how much you taste each time you take a dose,

you wouldnt want an unexpected ghost to appear.

now those are scary i hear,

especially when they hate YOU the most.

ill leave a post,

on your wall someday,

telling you about the price you might have to pay,

just to stay in this hearth,

if its even of worth to you.

a wise man once said,

keep off the psychedelic mind waves,

or it will be your labor that will pave my road.

The author's comments:
keep away from drugs

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