I love you

August 25, 2010
By girlzrool1992 GOLD, Chittenango, New York
girlzrool1992 GOLD, Chittenango, New York
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I'm sorry for everything
but its to late to tell you
I love you
and you were everything
I didn't deserve
you were nice
when I was evil
you made me so happy
I would cry
and you always thought
you did something wrong
I shouldn't love you
because you don't love me
but... I don't know
you were different
you made me feel special
I miss you more than anything
without you I feel empty
and sad like I'm in a dark hole
with no chance of escaping
I'm sorry I know
you deserve better
but I can't help but think about us
and where it went wrong
and as I'm sitting here
I don't know what to think anymore
but it will never get better
I'm sorry
I love you

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